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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream - The Actor's Gang

I've seen A Midsummer Night's Dream numerous times, but last night's performance gave this play new life for me. It felt as if I were watching it for the first time. I quickly forgot that I already knew what was going to happen as I was swept up in the story telling. That's a powerful experience for the viewer and everything we hope for when we attend a live performance. Too often Shakespeare is treated with an academic and sterile approach. This was not the case last night. The staging was simple, effective and artfully done. The actors were engaging. The venue was perfect. I could not have asked for a better night of theater. Rather than go on about how great it was, I encourage anyone in Nashville to attend the final performance this evening at 8:00 at OZ Nashville.

Members of this extremely talented cast (including director Tim Robbins) were gracious enough to pose for photos with my gargoyle. You know how that warms my heart!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Adventure In The Sky

Yesterday on Twitter I told the story of my recent journey through the air. Here's the link to Twitter so you can see the story tweet by tweet, but I've also copied it below along with the pictures. After all, what's an adventure in the sky if you don't have proof that it happened?

I went on a journey to visit a fairy castle in the sky.

I sailed around an anvil ice berg.

Surfed a cloud tsunami.

I had to cross a floating sea of popcorn.

A polar cloud bear went swimming by me.
And when she saw me she waved hello.

A little later I crossed the Great Cloud Canyon. 

Then I climbed the Cotton Candy Mountain range.

 At the top of the cloud mountain range the abominable snowman gave me a hug.

 I Skated over a heavenly ice rink.

And I finally met a magnificent cloud dragon.
We became friends.

And that was my journey through the air.
I hope you liked the pictures.
The End.

Note: all of these images are unfiltered pictures I took last week on my way home from Boston.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If Gargoyles Ruled The World

The purpose of gargoyles is to protect buildings and individuals from evil. Gargoyles are the sacred guardians who keep us from harm. This is a good thing because places and people protected by them have little to fear.  So if they bring about safety and peace of mind, why don’t we have more of them? And what would happen if they ruled the world?

Here’s What I Think Would Happen:

They would consume all the evil from everywhere it exists. They’d gobble it up and all the bad things would go away. The earth would become a kind of paradise where nothing goes wrong. There would be no more suffering. This new status of the world would take away all the pain of life, because there would be no source of pain. There would be no more crying, also. No more aging or death or being separated from loved ones. There would be nothing to fear because all the predators would become friends with their prey. Wars would be over. Love would flourish. Hostilities would end. The bad things in life would vanish.

And Than What?

If all the evil were gone, there would be no more need to reduce suffering because nothing would cause suffering. There would be no more need to alleviate pain because injury would be impossible. There would be no reason to stand up for the weak, because no one would be weak. Everyone would be healthy, so illness would vanish, and as a result there would be no more need for mercy or self sacrifice.

Without suffering there would also be no need of compassion. We would no longer need protection, so there would be no more need for heroes or gargoyles. We would see that when evil dies, so does mercy. Because things like mercy, love, kindness, compassion, heroes, and gargoyles are the things that save us and make us stronger, but without evil we have no need of them. And without need of them, these things might also vanish, leaving us without an opportunity to glimpse into the very best part of the human soul.

So perhaps the best of all possible worlds is one in which we all have free will and where bad things sometimes happen so that we can see the beauty of self sacrifice and understand the value of kindness. A world where we sometimes need protecting is a scary world, but it’s also a wonderful world because it opens our eyes to all the beauty of good and the potential for mercy within all of us.

Life is a continuous cycle of ups and downs with good and evil in constant battle. Sometimes we feel like we’re flying, and at others we feel like we’re falling. It’s a lot like a merry-go-round or a Ferris Wheel. No one gets on these carnival rides expecting to go anywhere. We get on them for the experience of the thrill.

The up is nothing without the down and the need for grace, mercy, and protection from harm are nothing without the potential for evil. So a world in which we need gargoyles to protect us really is the best of all possible worlds, and maybe gargoyles should never rule the world so that we always have need of them.